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Work Rules—Then (1859) and Now

Over 150 years ago, on March 18, 1859, Martha Constantine was registered to work in the No. 2 Weaving Room of the Salmon Falls Manufacturing Company in Salmon Falls, N.H.  (Salmon Falls Village was part of present-day Rollinsford, N.H., just … Continue reading ->

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Today in Textile History: March 14th

Today marks the date of not one, but two significant events in the history of textiles:  March 14 is a significant date in textile history, as that was the date Eli Whitney received a patent for his cotton gin back … Continue reading ->

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“The Jail Is All Full”

By early March 1912, the Bread and Roses Strike in Lawrence, Mass., had been ongoing for nearly two months. Textile workers in Lawrence, Mass., primarily immigrant women, went out on strike on January 12 after mill owners lowered wages due … Continue reading ->

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